CMS Website Design and Development

Content Managed Website is critical to the functionality of your website. Content management system (CMS) is the tool that enables easy updates to your website as well as uploads of videos and images. This is the engine that drives the functionality of your website and if it does get a perfect fit, it would sabotage your website from inside out.

Since it is vital the CMS should match the requirement of the website and its use, CMS Website Designer and CMS Website Developer at InTech Website Design Company ensures 100% customization through the following steps:

  1. Carry Out Internal Research– is the technology you are already using sufficient and adequate to your needs? Will the same technology hold its own with a few modifications/ adjustments/ enhancements or is it necessary to completely substitute it with a new version? The internal research would give us (and you) an accurate of what exactly is required to optimize your RoI.
  2. Enter Into Consultation To Establish The Best Available Option– what type of business you are running would determine the type of CMS you need.
    1. Basic - There are the basic CMS where the website would need minimum functionality such as brochure, site with basic interactivity and a functional intranet.
    2. Complex - There are others that require more complex functions such as onsite interactive marketing, establishing and interlinking a number of micro sites, and possibly an intranet for employees and administration.
    3. Highly complex - this type of CMS would be required for global businesses that require multiple pages and micro sites, each one with an entity of its own, that required multiple e-business revenue streams that merge seamlessly into a mother standalone site.
  3. Testing Before Final Set Up– the CMS would be tested and tweaked appropriately so your website does not develop hiccups once it is visible online.