Keyword Research and Analysis

There can be no SEO without keyword research and keyword analysis. Your website could have the best ever design, best navigability, best content yet unless it has been optimized for the best matched keywords for your niche – everything would add up to nothing. It is the right keyword and the optimization of that keyword for your website that would bring in the traffic – or better said targeted traffic.

Organic search is based on optimization of certain keywords that would rank your website on the first or maximum the second page of any given search engine. Organic search is what brings in the maximum targeted traffic to your website.

It is hence, very important that you choose the optimum keywords for your business, especially if you aim the best possible RoI. InTech provides keyword research service that will research in depth the best suited keywords for your business, run tests to determine the expected RoI on each specific keyword and work out campaigns that would optimize your visibility with the search engines as well as human Internet surfers.

The analysis of the results on each keyword chosen for your business would help identify just the right keyword/ keyword phrase that is most relevant to your website and brings in the maximum targeted traffic.

There are many keyword research tools that our experts would use for this purpose and after the keyword analysis at the end of the process; we would ensure that each page of your website is optimized with the keyword/ keyword phrase that would bring in maximum visibility to your business.