PPC/SEM Marketing

PPC Expert Services offers to design the best Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and Management, AdWords Management, Facebook Campaign Management for your business.

PPC advertising is an extremely powerful tool provided it is used correctly. Used right, this is a vehicle that could offer you the highest RoI; but have it designed wrong and it would slow-bleed you into bankruptcy. To have a great Pay Per Click campaigns you need to choose your keywords correctly and also word your ad perfectly to draw in the exact audience you need.

Another key component in the success of a PPC campaign is the time when the ads are shown. You need to know when it is most likely for your target audience to access Net and when they would be most inclined to click on PPC ads. It does not matter what your budget it, if the PPC campaign is well designed, it would pull a huge number targeted traffic in no time.

SEM is the overall campaign that includes PPC. Within its purview the following services are covered:

  • Setting up of PPC account
  • Setting up of AdGroups
  • Keywords research
  • Market research to understand the competitors
  • Creating and designing the best ads
  • Landing pages creation
  • Managing bids
  • Segmentation of products and services
  • Analysis of negative keywords
  • Geo targeting
  • Testing of landing pages, A/B Testing, and others
  • Regular and periodic analysis of RoI followed by corrective measures where necessary
  • Regular and periodic analysis of PPC campaign per keyword followed by corrective measures where necessary
  • Regular analysis reports generation