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Web Development and SEO Services SEO expert - Long Term Positioning – Increase Visibility - Flexibility - Cost Effective – Targeted Traffic - RoI – Best Results with Organic Search

InTech Solutions offers specialized SEO services in every aspect of the term, including web design, web development and SEO services. Our solutions are RoI driven and totally result oriented. You will find all the solutions you need – website design, development, web portal development, optimization, SEO, eCommerce solutions, SEO article writing, PPC advertising, and targeted traffic generation and increase under one umbrella.

We bring to you a bouquet of website design SEO services that will push your website to Page 1 results on your desired keywords using the high quality and up to date purely white-hat Search Engine Optimization techniques that give TOP organic ranking in local and global search.

We bring you measurable, hard results that will stay strong with strategies that give you both excellent Ecommerce conversion rate and long-lasting, massive traffic.

Our SEO experts are handpicked from among the best in the industry and are highly qualified, trained and most importantly experienced in all aspects of SEO, PPC, SMM and SMO. This is why we never use black hat SEO techniques; we can do it the right way and we can do well.

  • SEO Services - On page and Off page Search Engine Optimization

    What is the use of having the best website, if no one every sees it? If no one ever knows it exists? Our SEO services cover a plethora of processes that bring you in top search results. We know that at the bottom line are RoI, targeted traffic and profits; and these are what you get with us.

    Our SEO experts use both on-page SEO and off-page techniques to bring you the best results – which is why we will have the desired results in the most competitive time possible.

  • Social Media Marketing Services

    We cover it all - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. Social Media Marketing today is emerging as the leading marketing channel for all businesses. We will use powerful social media campaigns to build on your customers’ loyalty to promote your brand and bring in targeted traffic.
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns - Sponsored links in Search Engine Results and Banner

    PPC technique works best when you desire high traffic generation from your target audience. Our experts work hard to connect you with your customers at the right time so you get best exposure with potential prospective customers. We will create effective and cost-effective channels for leads generation and highly targeted traffic.
  • Ads on content Network [Google AdWords]

    Google AdWords is a powerful tool that many ignore to their loss. We have learned to use this amazing tool to pull in targeted traffic that fast-forwards your profits and ranking.
  • Website Development

    Your website has high quality content, but your visitor kind of gets lost when he gets in. Did you know that if the visitor does not get what he wants within THREE clicks (or less) he will move away? You need the best in website development – and this is what we offer.
  • Web and Graphic Design

    Much business is lost just because the website does not load fast enough or its architecture is too messy. You do not want that to happen to you. Web and graphic design is an integral part of SEO and we bring it to you.
  • Ecommerce Websites

    We will help you set up your store, design it, optimize it, market it, and iron out all the kinks you may encounter. Your visitor should be able to get through pay-gate with just 2-3 clicks.
  • CMS Website Designing

    Content is the king. True. But not any content. Today to draw in traffic and hold your own, you need to have the highest quality content, which is not only well written but also well presented.
  • Web Portal Development

    Starting from scratch? Let us design a portal for you that will propel you to top ranks on the most popular search engines’ result pages. Our Web developer will integrate business analysis, database development along with optimal integration, architecture design, integration of CRM, maintenance and support – and much, much more.
  • SEO Article Writing

    You need articles for search engine optimization? We can provide you with the best quality content highly specialized for your business, which has been carefully SEO-ed for optimal effect.