Terms & services

InTechSEO has set its own terms and services to avoid situations that affect its image and customer relationship. If you are a user of InTechSEO services you have to comply our terms & services. Moreover, InTechSEO has the right to change or make amendments in the set conditions without any notice.


You will hire InTechSEO as an individual provider and your contract will be treated as a personalized order and after making the whole payment, the project will be handed over to the client.

Service contract:

The skilled professionals at InTechSEO will be responsible to make you available with quality services within decided time frame. All our professionals are trained and efficient, they are responsible to give the desired results and delivery will be on time always. None of the project will defy the rights and rules of any 3rd party and will not breach any law.

Execution and implementation of laws:

The customer has to act in accordance with all the prevailing rules and laws concerning electronic media and the internet. Customers are obliged to respect all the trademarks and copyright of the company and therefore will not indulge in any illegal activities when sign in to the account. We hold the right to provide your personal information to the authorities when needed. We also hold the termination rights and can terminate agreement any time without the prior notices.

Trademarks and copyright:

After the payment all rights of the project are handed to the customer and he holds the right to use it anywhere. So, any picture, design, text, music and images that the customer uses will defend InTechSEO from any assertion. For more information feel free to contact our support center.

Backup data and policies:

InTechSEO has no liability to keep a backup of all the domain files that a customer will upload. It's customer’s responsibility to have a backup of his files and data on his/her own system. We can delete the files and data due to contract termination or in case of non-payment.

Network security:

It is largely suggested to the customers that keep your passwords to yourself. This can give access to your database, private messages and website data. If this rule is not followed InTechSEO has the right to alter your passwords without any notice.

Limited guarantee:

InTechSEO holds no warranty as it is not responsible for any damage, loss, data loss, accidental loss because of contract termination etc. We at InTechSEO offers services in complete accordance with the payment. Moreover, InTechSEO is not accountable for any loss claimed by the 3rd party.


InTechSEO will be sheltered against any loss occur because of any reason to the customer’s business. It includes acts of loss, government proceedings, the defamation claim, breaching of any rule, unjust competition, service mark, disobedience of confidentiality and other reprisal claims.

For more information you can contact us through our website anytime.