Web Portal Development

Your website is your ultimate marketing tool. It through this website that you would build your brand name, attract targeted traffic, educate your visitors on the benefits of your products/ services and convince them to become your customers.

You have about 7-12 seconds to capture the attention and fire the curiosity/ interest of your visitor – for studies show that an average surfer would decide whether they stay on the website or move on to another in the first 7-12 seconds of their landing on your website.

Web portal development covers a multitude of factors, each one more important that the other; each one completing the other to perfection:

  • Most Appealing Layout Website Architecture – this includes right placement of titles, correct size of fonts, use of appealing-to-the-eye colors;
  • Flawless Navigability – for best results, a visitor should never be more than 3 clicks away from his goal (the information he seeks). Whether it is checkout or information about product, or contact coordinates, or any other information, it should be just there within his immediate reach.
  • eCommerce solutions – you are online to promote sales of your products/ services. You need to have installed a fast, reliable and secure shopping cart that would facilitate a hassle-free check out.
  • Web applications – you will need many applications to help you transform visitors into customers and or collect information for lead generation and follow up. These could be auctions, surveys, opt-in list building apps, and so many others. Our Web Portal Developmenter team at InTech Web Portal Development company would research and design for you totally customized apps, which would walk you closer to success.