Website Conversion Analysis

As part of the SEO process, website conversion analysis is one of the most important prerequisites. Your website would be designed for one major goal – to bring in targeted traffic, to generate leads, to sell particular products/ services, to convert visitors and so on. Increasing relevant traffic is only part of the overall mission.

You cannot increase targeted traffic or bring in profits without website conversion rate analysis and this is where our experts come in. Many Internet marketing campaigns ignore the aspect of Conversion Rate Optimization – which is so important. What would you do with traffic, unless it converts to business? Unfortunately, most SEO experts will focus on ranking, lead generation and traffic building, while completely leaving out the conversion aspect.

We are aware that you have launched your website with one specific focus, i.e. to increase your sales. This is the bottom line that we have kept as our goal. Our success covers generation of leads and traffic, but concentrates and focuses on conversion.

The Internet marketing campaign that we engineer is geared to maximize conversions as the bottom line of the campaign. Hence, we will look at landing pages designs, PPC management, article writing and keywords for SEO to ensure that everything is geared towards maximizing conversion rates of your websites.

After website analysis our SEO experts would endeavor to:

  • Make your website clear and user friendly
  • Attract highly targeted traffic in increasing numbers
  • Analyze and identify conversion funnels – or the best path that brings in targeted traffic
  • Enhance the value of the website to the reader – in terms of content and esthetics.